Online Poker

Online poker has really exploded in the last few years and it is now greater than ever. Many partake of the game for the sheer excitement it brings and for those who can not afford to travel to the casinos, playing online is an alternative that provides. is one of those websites that cater to the online poker world and those who play online poker. Whether you play Texas holdem online or Omaha online, you will find that Pokerstars offers a variety of poker games. is technically one of the largest poker websites around at the moment. Started in 1999, it has been one of the top online poker websites for a number of years now. It is not affiliated with other poker sites at this point in time although they do share a common player base.

Pokerstars also offers mobile poker for those of you who don’t use any web browser based poker client. They also offer other types of live poker games apart from Holdem poker. Sites like Pokerstars also offer affiliate and summer time promotions to those who frequently play at the site. is among the poker websites that don’t have a huge amount of players online at the moment. Currently, the biggest poker room on the net is Although, the software is Classmed one of the Best ever, with a great interface and design.

They offer online poker bonuses of as much as $1000 to those who frequently play. They also have some of the most excellent bonuses on the internet. One of their signature offers is anytime you pay $200 you will get a $50 bonus.

If you live in the USA, you will want to register with a Poker Site that has a good reputation and one that is well known. Reputation is everything and if you register with a site that has good rep, you will not have to worry about cheating or getting ripped off.

BigBankPoker currently has the following offers:

  • New USA Players:$600 New Poker Players:$300
  • European Players:$600 European Players:$300

False Poker Alarm System (PAS) False Poker Alarm System is a poker alarm that allows you to know when the poker rooms are not fair. This system is specifically designed to counter the Horse Racing betting odds at betting exchange.

This is a software by Carlo della Design that is being used on high end computers and important computers used by highly skilled professional poker players. The software is free and can be easily installed on these systems.

It has the ability to read all sorts of information from all kinds of poker games. This includes your previously played games, your winnings, you winnings per game, number of players on a table, playing styles of other players, betting patterns, player profiling and many other much more.

It will all be related to a particular poker players table and the type of game, whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud or some other game della design is known for. With all this data in hand, the software can design a program to move you to the best table or poker room. It also includes hand odds calculator. Of course, that would be useful, but you can also do the odds yourself.

As you can see, there are a lot of great tools out there for poker players to use, but which one do you prefer or have your eyes on? Many of these tools are very good and also very convenient. However, the fact remains that you will need to scratch your personal itch to play in every type of poker game available to you. There is no point in having most of the best tools out there if you are not going to use them, soilling your time and making progress would be a great result.

If you see what you are getting into, poker can be a very rewarding experience. You may want to play it for a living or even just as a part-time endeavor, but the important point is that it is all up to you and how much you can actually invest into your poker habit.