Any Time Is A Good Time To Play Badugi

Any Time Is A Good Time To Play Badugi

The time may not be the same as the past, the reason why I think is because you must adapt to the present instead of the past. What I mean by this, is that previously people did not know about this game except from those tapas who used to come to the casino and hit twenty-one or go on gaming inventories. This gave them a particular edge that they could use to make money at the casino. However, today, with the advent of the Internet, you can play badugi with your hands at your sides, at work, in the convenience of your home, and make money – it’s really easy. If you play the game with your hands and knowledge, you can be sure that you will be winning.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, I will recommend you tries it to make money. I would suggest you try playing the real badugi than the spun version. The badugi is the version in which the worst hand to be dealt (in badugi) wins the game. Instead of going after the casino’s money, you are going after the high-end stack of cards, cards that are greater than your hand. spun badugi is the version in which the dealer offers a second card to each player after a deal. This is to make the badugi more interesting and increase the odds of a player to have a badugi.

To be honest, this game is not for those with a adventurous streak, those who like a thrill of the adrenalin and those who are super serious at all costs to preserve their bankroll. I think that those who understand the odds of the game understand it very well. If you are one of those, you might want to check out the Badugi site anyway. The site is owned by Jonathan Weatherby, a Mathematics teacher from England.

Pocket Queens – Position

Position is generally when the dealer has a Q on the face up card in his left hand, and you are on his right. This is because the dealer has good odds of hitting a Q to win. Of course, it is not all luck. Here are some hints from the Profiteers’ Book, Badugi by Davidey Goes.

  • Position is important in badugi because if you are in “the punting” position and the Panen138 has a Q, you have a lower chance of beating him. However, in some situations you can be in “the poking” position, meaning if the dealer has a Q on the face-up card in his right hand, you have a lower chance of winning because you need to hit a spade to beat the dealer.
  • Always gamble on the table if the dealer has an A or a K
  • You need cards that value at least 15
  • If you have a pair of 4s or 10s, you can split them, but not in badugi
  • You can double aces twice
  • You can split 2 4s
  • If you have 3 5s or 10s, you can double them both

Most players in badugi gamble on blind and big blind. That means they are on the dealer’s right side, which is a clear disadvantage. However, the dealer has a less significant disadvantage because they are not the dealer. For example, in some casinos, the dealer pushes his hand to the furthest player left, where the action is becomes complicated and the player must really watch out.

If you really want to have an edge over the house, you should be playing the player instead of the dealer. Here’s why:

  • The dealer has no gambling edge
  • You have an advantage over the dealer only in badugi
  • The dealer has a greater risk of going bust
  • You cannot double on any card, or bet both ways on the same card
  • You must take cards until all chips are gone
  • If you go bust, the dealer wins all bets; your only option is to gloves get up and restart the hand again.